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Why your body needs omega3 food this summer?

You probably heard about the benefits of omega3 fatty acid to your body. But, did you include the omega3 food in your diet plan? If not, the summer is the time to make some changes to your diet. And the best way to start is by adding omega3 food to your table.

Where can omega3 be found

The natural source of omega3 is marine oils, which are contained in marine algae, phytoplanktons, and fish. Fish oil is commonly used as the basis for dietary supplementation, which can be found on the market. Many people are using both natural sources of omega3 and dietary supplements, because eating fish alone cannot produce enough omega3 fatty acid to the body.


The additional source of omega3 is plant food like nuts and seeds, as well as high-quality cuts of beef. For more information on the benefits of omega3, click on this link.

Since the human body cannot synthesize the long-chain omega3 fatty acid by itself, using fish oil supplements in a diet is the way to obtain long-chain omega3 fatty acid through the shorter-chain omega3 fatty acid.

Which omega3 food should you eat

Cold water oily fish like salmon, cod, mackerel, menhaden, herring, sardines, halibut, pollock, and anchovies are the richest source of omega3. The oils from these fish have a high-quality omega3 profile, which is seven times as much as omega-6. On the other hand, tuna and algae also contain omega3, but in a lesser quantity than salmon or sardines.

Since many kinds of seafood are rich with omega3, dietitians recommend using them at least three times per week. The daily take of omega3 fatty acid is essential for normal metabolism rate.

Besides the seafood, omega3 can be found in other food, such as chia seeds, black raspberry, butternuts, Persian walnuts, or hazelnuts. This food can be used as a snack or breakfast 3-4 times per week.omega3

By using this omega3 food, you’ll improve your overall health condition. People in Japan, for example, are consuming sea vegetables and fish as a regular part of their diet, known as Okinawa diet. The omega3 food is believed to be a reason why Japanese are living longer and healthier life than most populations.

The side effects of consuming omega3

Although omega3 food plays a crucial role in everyday diet, a lot of controversies was raised around the usage of dietary supplements over wild-caught fish. The general recommendation is to combine the supplements with seafood, to get the maximum take of omega3. An average intake of omega3 fatty acid is disturbingly low, especially in comparison to the omega-6 fatty acid. The recommended ratio is 2:1 for omega-6 acid, but the average American is following 20:1 ratio. The main side-effect of using omega-6 in high dosage is inflammation, sometimes severe.

On the other side, the water, air and soil pollution also affects the quality of omega3 in the sea and plant food. The seafood, for example, can contain the traced of mercury or other heavy metals.


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Why You Should Eat More Fish

In today’s world, more and more people are actively concerned about their health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and ensuring that they are pursuing the healthiest lifestyle they can.

An important aspect of living a healthy life is to have a healthy diet. Your diet and what you eat everyday can have a massive impact, not only on your weight but your overall health and wellbeing.

This is why the popularity of cooking and eating seafood at home, and on a weekly and in some cases daily basis has risen over recent years. More people are aware of the research which has taken place over the past few decades which has shown that the amazing nutrients and minerals, which seafood is full of can make improvements in brain development and reproduction, along with many other amazing body enhancing properties. This has highlighted for many, especially those with children, the importance of regularly having fish and seafood in their diets.

The health benefits of including fish in your diet are amazing, and highlight why it is important to introduce children to eating fish from a young age to ensure that they will eat it as part of their diet in the future. Some studies, into the health benefits of eating fish and seafood have shown that including fish as part of your regular healthy balanced diet, can even help with the symptoms of arthritis, and other studies have shown that the older members of our society who eat fish and seafood at least once a week could have a reduced chance of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The benefits of eating fish and seafood are undeniable, fish is high in minerals such as zinc and iodine which are essential for keeping the body running smoothly. All of these health benefits, and it tastes great, what is not to love about eating fish and seafood!

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Things you need to consider before buying your aquarium

There is nothing best than the natural entertainment in the world. The aquarium is one of the best things you can enjoy by sitting in your living room. But to enjoy the perfect natural view you should have a proper aquarium for the fishes.

When you are about to buy an aquarium for the fishes here are some of the factors you should consider when buying.


The size of the aquarium must be big enough for the fishes to swim and live comfortably in it. When you are looking for the size then you must make sure that it has the tank of 5 gallon for fishes. Choosing the right size will enhance the beauty.

The size of an aquarium must be according to the place where you are about to place it. It would be good if you keep the measurements of the place in mind to avoid any problems later on.

The filtration equipment inside the aquarium must be of high quality which can provide the clean and safe environment to your fishes. This is quite confusing to buy but a person who is showing you aquariums can guide you in a right manner.

You can have a guide from him according to the breed of the fishes and according to your requirement as well.


If you want to keep yourself in budget while buying an aquarium then go for the market survey. In this way, you will come to know from where you should buy and which aquarium is expensive and which one is in your budget.  You can find out a little bit more about what they cost here.

You can also keep the budget in mind according to the breed of your fishes. If your fishes are expensive then you need to increase the budget but if you have ordinary fishes and you don’t want to make it lavish then you can do at normal price.


When you are buying an equipment then there must be proper place inside the aquarium to place it to provide proper oxygen to them. Fishes need lots of care and when you are caring then they survive for the long term.

Their survival rate depends on the size of an aquarium and on an oxygen tank. Make sure you are choosing appropriate oxygen tank for them to keep them happy inside their home.


To get the best view inside the aquarium you need to have proper lights inside it. With the help of lights, you will be able to see the activities of fishes all the time and at the time of cleaning the tank or anything, it won’t be a big problem for you.  There are a couple other websites that are great for this including kidzone.


An aquarium should be big enough so you can place other accessories in it like their favorite plants, castle, and stones in which they like to hide. These accessories make fishes happy and it will make them feel like a home.

You can do some research about what fishes like to have in their surroundings and what makes them happy inside an aquarium to increase their life.

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The International Fish Trade, and What is Means To You

We here in Glynn County may soon be eyewitnesses to a valuable lesson in
international trade.
The lesson is: when the federal government attempts to protect a domestic industry
by imposing tariffs on imported goods, the consequences are substantial and extend far
beyond the domestic industry and its foreign competition.
In our case, the domestic industry is shrimping. The foreign competition is foreign
shrimp farms. And the consequences of protecting the domestic shrimping industry
extend to some of the most important employers in Glynn County.
Local shrimpers, as well as most other shrimpers in the southern U.S., have found
themselves all but unable to compete against foreign shrimp farms. The farms have
become the shrimp industry.s most efficient producers, and in recent years have
expanded in number, size and production. Consequently, shrimp prices have been driven
down to levels that threaten the market survival of southern shrimpers.
The shrimpers contend that the shrimp farms are dropping shrimp in the United States
market — that is, selling shrimp here at prices below the cost of production. So the
shrimpers have formed the Southern Shrimp Alliance to lobby the government for
To the shrimpers’ and to most observers, the issue ends there. The issue is
considered an .us versus them. issue, a .domestic producers versus foreign competitors.
issue, as if the only parties involved are the domestic producers and the foreign

But the issue does not end there. Also involved are the buyers of the product.
When the government imposes a tariff on an imported good, the price of the
imported good rises. To mitigate the harm of the higher import prices, buyers buy less of
the imported good and more of the domestically produced good. That pushes up the price
of the domestically produced good.  Learn more by clicking here
In short, a tariff helps the domestic producers of the good and harms the foreign
producers of the good. But that.s not the end of it. A tariff also harms domestic buyers
by forcing them to pay higher prices for the good, whether imported or domestically
Here.s what makes our case, shrimp, unique. If the government imposes a tariff on
imported shrimp, local shrimpers will benefit. Foreign shrimp farms will be harmed.
Domestic buyers . seafood processors, distributors, retailers, restaurants and consumers
. will also be harmed. Among these domestic buyers are Rich-Sea Pak and King &
Prince Seafood, two of Glynn County’s largest employers. Also included are the many
restaurants here that serve seafood. These restaurants are part of the county’s biggest
industry, tourism.
Most people assume that when the government protects a domestic industry from
foreign competition, the economy as a whole benefits. It doesn’t.
Tariffs on imported sugar help domestic sugar producers but hurt domestic candy
producers.  This in turn shifts the value chain and where we source fish from. Tariffs on imported steel help domestic steel producers but hurt domestic auto
producers, domestic machine tool producers, domestic appliance producers and every
other domestic firm that produces goods from steel.
Tariffs on imported shrimp will have comparable effects. We’ll see the effects in
our own hometown. Some will benefit, but at the expense of many.
But what about the claim that foreign shrimp farms are dumping their shrimp?
We’ll examine the validity of the dumping claim in next week’s column.