Why Shark Diving in Hawaii Brings You Close to the Most Dangerous Predators on Earth

Many people in the world love to eat fish and there are more than 30,000 species of fish in fresh water locations.

People also do fish hunting to earn their living. Usually, we see stunning pictures of different kinds of fish in museums but there are many dark fish who can attack human beings too.

There are very few categories in fish which choose human as their prey. These fish look wild and they carelessly attack humans who try to mess with them. Here are the details of most hazardous fish in the world.

Great White Shark

It is one of most powerful predatory sharks in the world. People who are interested in cool shark tours in Hawaii might know about this fish.

It is also known as the white pointer and almost everyone who has even a little interest in fish life knows about it. It is publicly feared because of the fatal attacks on the divers and swimmers.

It causes serious damage to tissues and organs of the victim which mostly results in death. In the waters of Australia, this fish is more famous for its rigorous attacks on humans.


This fish is also known as swellfish and it has the ability to inflate itself over a large area in air and water to become a globular type.

It is mainly found in the places where the temperature is usually high but sometimes they are also found in fresh water places.

They are tough and they have fused teeth to form a structure of a beaklike where it has a split the center of each of its jaws.

They have highly concentrated amounts of the poisonous substance in the interior organs that can kill the rival within seconds of injection.

Some people eat the puffers also but they need to be handled by a trained chef who can separate the toxic portions from the good eatable portions of fish.

Red Lionfish

This is the very dangerous type of fish which can attack the humans with their venomous fin spines. They spread their fins and usually attack with the special dorsal spines.

They are found in the south Pacific ecosystem. They are plenty in number because they have very high reproduction rate and this makes them invasive for survival.

The people who love to keep fish collection are crazy about this fish because of its beautiful and different colors appear.


This is one of the most dangerous and poisonous fish in the world which is profoundly found in Amazon River.

It has usual growth length of 2.5cm and it attacks the swimming animals more often. While sailing in water, it shows up it spines while attack which results in the sudden killing of the victim.